Live TV Systems

Creating your own Live TV has never been so profitable and easy.

Live TV systems can be used best when installed permanently. Doing so allows to:

  • Install cameras in optimal viewing points, even the hard to reach ones.
  • Minimise the interference in interior design.
  • Facilitate the production of recurring events.
  • Conceal the cables.

Live TV Systems

Live TV systems allow to broadcast and archive your own professional TV


  • Can be mounted on walls or below ceilings
  • Excellently blend in with the surrounding
  • Practically unnoticeable
  • Work very precisely and quietly
  • Don't disturb the event's participants


Allows to comfortable remote control of the whole Live TV system:

  • Cameras and switchers
  • Multimedia and lighting
  • Other interactive elements

Najlepsza Metoda tworzenia relacji i emisji

The formula of the TV program is the most effective method of communicating with the audience.
The benefits of Live TV system:

  • Low costs of equipment and installation
  • Intuituve, one-man controlling
  • Professional multicamera & web broadcast
  • Small cameras mounted on the wall does not disturb the participants
  • Full interactivity
  • Broadcasting profitable also for small groups of viewers


To create a live coverage, big TV stations use expensive OB vans. The smaller scale events are often service by large TV crew. Both methods have many faults:

  • Very high production costs
  • Camera operators are distracting the performers and the audience
  • Cables obstruct moving around the room
  • TV crew presence has a negative effecton the event's atmosphere
  • Not economical for small audience groups
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